Maria Saúde operates in the healthcare technology industry, combining human-centered healthcare with advanced artificial intelligence. 

Executive Summary

Maria Saúde operates in the healthcare technology industry, combining human-centered healthcare with advanced artificial intelligence. The company focuses on personalized medicine and efficient digital health services to optimize resource management and reduce insurance claims, turnover, and absenteeism.

Customer Challenge

Business Challenge or IT Need:

Maria Saúde needed to streamline healthcare processes and enhance patient engagement while reducing unnecessary medical costs. The primary challenge was to leverage AI to provide efficient and effective primary care, reducing the need for costly medical interventions.

Risks and Impact if the Challenge Were Not Addressed:

Without addressing these challenges, Maria Saúde would face high operational costs, inefficiencies in patient care management, and low patient satisfaction. This could lead to increased insurance claims, higher turnover rates, and absenteeism among patients.


Solution Overview:
A3Data implemented a comprehensive AI-driven digital healthcare assistant using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to optimize healthcare delivery. This included capabilities for primary care, patient engagement, and advanced data analytics to monitor and manage patient health effectively.

Primary AWS Services Used:
Amazon EC2: For scalable computing power to run the digital healthcare assistant. Amazon RDS: To securely manage and store patient health records. Amazon S3: For scalable storage of patient data and medical documents. Amazon SageMaker: For building, training, and deploying machine learning models to enhance patient care and engagement.

Support Services Provided:
Maria Saúde provided extensive support throughout the pre-implementation and post-implementation phases, including consulting on AWS best practices, customizing the solution for specific customer needs, and ongoing technical support to ensure optimal performance.

Results and Benefits

Outcome of the Solution:

The implementation resulted in improved healthcare delivery, reduced operational costs, and enhanced patient engagement. The AI-driven assistant streamlined primary care processes and facilitated better resource management.

Specific Metrics:

Time Savings: The asynchronous chat system allowed for up to 5 times more consultations per hour compared to traditional telemedicine.

Cost Reduction: Reduced insurance claims by 11%, leading to significant savings for healthcare providers.

Increased Productivity: Average of 6.6 medical consultations per hour, with high patient satisfaction and engagement rates;

Engagement: 84% of patients had three or more interactions with the app.

Resolutivity: 89% of consultations were resolved without further referrals.

Total Consultations: Over 20,000 consultations.

Average Rating: 6.6 out of 10 based on over 5,000 evaluations.

Maria Saúde

Caring for the health of your employees with affection and technology. We are a digital clinic equipped with artificial intelligence that provides personalized and continuous care for your teams.

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